Gute Pack Co.,LTD passed the ISO 9001/ISO22000/HACCP certification, ensuring strict product quality control, being a good partner that you can place your trust in. Gute Pack Co., LTD specializes in color printing, laminating, and manufacturing bags made of soft packaging materials. We work hard so our clients will be assured of good quality and fast delivery. We specialize in sanitary packaging materials, wet wipe packaging films, laminated packaging materials, aluminum foil packaging films, bags, food packaging films, aluminum facial mask bags, aluminum foil cosmetic packaging films, etc. Please call or email us if you have any questions.

Certified: ISO9001

Officially obtained the new ISO9001-2015 certification on November 8th, 2018.
According to the ISO management system, from order management, release confirmation, raw material procurement, storage control, production procedures, shipment quality assurance, to retrospective management are all systematically and effectively managed and controlled.

Quality Policy: 【Leading Quality, Customer First】
5S Implementation: SORT, SET IN ORDER, SHINE, SUSTAIN (maintaining good working habits), SECURITY
Quality Control Method: TQC all staff quality control
Quality Control Awareness: Regular Quality Control Education Training
Quality Conference: Instant Customer Complaint Correction Conference
Quality Inspection: raw material incoming inspection COA, static inspection COA, outgoing quality inspection COA
Education and Training: professional skills, instrument operation, safety training