Gute Pack Co.,LTD passed the ISO 9001/ISO22000/HACCP certification, ensuring strict product quality control, being a good partner that you can place your trust in. Gute Pack Co., LTD specializes in color printing, laminating, and manufacturing bags made of soft packaging materials. We work hard so our clients will be assured of good quality and fast delivery. We specialize in sanitary packaging materials, wet wipe packaging films, laminated packaging materials, aluminum foil packaging films, bags, food packaging films, aluminum facial mask bags, aluminum foil cosmetic packaging films, etc. Please call or email us if you have any questions.

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Established in 2017,
Gute Pack Co., Ltd. is a production factory specializing in the production of flexible packaging films from printing, laminating, slitting, and bag making.
Business philosophy:"With the people as our foundation and our clients as our focus, we will work together to achieve common prosperity."
To our customers, we are committed to having integrity and delivering the best products to you.
To our employees, we provide an environment powered by happiness and harmony, so everyone can work happy and return home safely.
To society, we adhere to a healthy and ecofriendly environment, gradually work towards a green industry.
The initial estimated turnaround is 3 weeks after confirmation of the artwork. However, it is also necessary to evaluate the complexity of the client's product in order to provide a more accurate timeframe.
In general, the EOQ and MOQ are converted by size. However, there will be basic and minimum order adjustments based on the client's special needs, the complexity of the product, and the special material structure required.
Provide the size of the customized packaging bag, the size of the packaging roll, the number of colors for printing, the required quantity, and the shape of the sample bag you want to make. Once we have the information, we can provide you with a preliminary quotation.
Yes. We will need the client to provide the designed image file (be sure to convert the text box in advance and fix the glyphs on your image file) and send it to us in the format of an .ai file. We will first perform a preliminary analysis to see if there may be problems in printing or back-end processes and contact you with an update.
We are happy to discuss and confirm the information about the product to be produced. If there are any problems that may occur in the back-end process, or even the client's filling and packaging, we will give the client some advice or improvement suggestions to avoid problems.